About The Gingies

Hi, I’m Abby.

I’m only half of the Bingie Gingies, but I’m the one doing most of the writing and communicating when you see text from us. I decided I wanted a written outlet for the Bingie Gingies, especially since sometimes I need a more controlled environment to express my experience for games. So the articles, reviews, whatever I decide to post on here–it’s me. Abby.

Just for a bit of perspective, I’m the feelsy queer neurotic one. I do the art and the creative bits. My husband Zach is the more normal one… until we play a game, and then he’s screaming and talking about science. I went to school for computer science, he went for microbiology. We have a house full of fur babies that you will hear about plenty on our YouTube channel.

About the Project

We started the idea of Bingie Gingies late June/early July of 2020. I found an Itch.io bundle called the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality and fell in love with the idea. I had wanted to support the cause more but wasn’t in a place where I could do anything more tangible, so throwing my money at this seemed the best option. It came with 1,741 including games, e-books, and game resources donated from 1,391 creators. I was blown away. That’s SO MUCH to unpack though. Who could possible do all of it? And thus the concept was born.

We plan to play every single one of these games at least once. Not everything will get to YouTube, but I think I may write about them briefly, or keep a running list of games we just didn’t care to go into. This written format will also give me a platform to venture into the other items in the pack and discuss them. Of course we will stream other games on Twitch and play other games on the channel from time to time, but the primary focus is this bundle.

Mission Statement

Above all else, we plan to build and nurture a space for positivity. This channel was borne from a beautiful act of selflessness from thousands of creators, and to honor that we want to talk about these games and give space for real discussions. I created the blog in the first place so I could discuss A Mortician’s Tale, a game that doesn’t have a place on our channel with our goofy voices and silly inappropriate jokes, but definitely deserved a conversation. I found that there are a lot of queer games in particular and I am really looking forward to getting to them. As I write this we are playing Celeste and between bits of dialogue and while Zach plays through the puzzles I get to have serious discussions about anxiety and mental illness. I want to encourage our audience to have a dialogue about anything and everything, but especially uncomfortable topics. We are here for you.

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