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Arcade Spirits: Review

I really want to talk about a game that took a genre that I already shamefully enjoy and turned it into something really inspirational. I want to talk about Arcade Spirits. This game said “yeah, let’s take a dating sim visual novel and make it something more–something that can drive home a message”, and it…

Orion’s Trail: An Oregon Trail Scifi Clone

There are few school-day games as iconic as the Oregon Trail game. We all know the story: you put together your team, members of whom are generally named after your friends and family (this makes the experience more personal, devastating, and honestly hilarious). You select how much food and clothing you wish to take with…

A Mortician’s Tale

Rocky Beginnings Zach and I tried playing this game for our comedy let’s play channel Bingie Gingies. It looked fun and goth and beautiful and introspective, so I was intrigued; and, because we’re trying everything at least once, I got to play it. Immediately I knew it was a bad idea for the channel. There…

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